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Before You Buy That Steel Garage

The steel garage kits have increased in popularity the past few years. They are easy to maintain, they don’t have to be painted, they are fire-resistant, and best of all, insects prefer wood over steel structures. Along with this popularity, just like anything else, a kit can be obtained to build one yourself, cutting out the middle man.

You will find steel building kits, steel carport kits, steel garage kits, and you can even find steel home kits. But before you jump on board with the DIY steel garage kit, there are things you need to know first. Like obtaining a permit.

A steel garage isn’t any different in this regard than the traditional wood garage or other structure. Building permits are required in most cities and counties, with variations in each one. Such as the color of your structure, the size of your structure, and the type of materials used to build the structure.

Most government agencies will require plans to be presented when applying for the permit:

  1. Engineering plans

  2. Foundation plans

  3. Site plans

If you have to order your steel garage building kit, you’ll most likely be required to make a deposit. This is a sticky point, and you want to be cautious about that requirement. A firm that is well-known and reputable will not ask for a deposit “to purchase the permits” but require you to purchase the plans before they begin making your kit. This is a common request.

In addition to getting your permits and your steel garage plans purchased, you’ll also want to determine if you need, or want, a concrete foundation. Sometimes this is included in the purchase of the kit. And be prepared budget-wise for the electrical and plumbing to be an extra cost.



Kenley finished up my pole barn last night and it looks really nice.

I have to say that Kenley, Seth and all the guys involved did a great job and were real easy to talk to and get along with. I’m real happy with the building and how it looks. I’d recommend you guys to anyone.

Thanks for all your help.

G. Bales