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Polebarn Specifications

Bradford Buildings General Building Specifications

Post Holes:

36" Deep (Min) 10" Wide (Min) Composite cookie in each hole, backfilled with native soil.
100% native soil backfilled with out concrete floor installation. Customer can provide sack concrete if wanted.

Uplift protection (cleets) installed on all buildings.
  • Wood
STANDARD Solid 5x5 CCA treated .60 (60%) pressure treated lumber. (Lifetime Rated) 10' on centers, 8' and 12' available.
  • Perma Columns
OPTION 10,000 psi precast concrete column (See Advisor for Details) Lifetime Warranty
Grade Board: 2x6 CCA .060 (60%) pressure treated # 2 SYP lumber. (Lifetime Rated) attached with ring shank post frame spikes.
Wall Girts: 2x6 SYP spaced 24" on centers (approx.)attached with ring shank post frame spikes
Wall Bracing: 2x4 SYP installed on all wall corners without door and window frames. Also known as secondary frame structure or wind bracing.
Wall Girders: (Top Plates) 2x10 SYP (Min) 2x12 when required by engineering. Header to post connection is via post frame spikes, galvanized ring shanks American made.
Trusses: Standard 4/12 pitch (other pitches available)
  • Wood
Standard 2x6 #2 SYP top and bottom cords, 25 psf snow load / 120 mph wind load. Truss to post connection via 3/8 lag screws.
Spacing is 5' on center, 2' and 4' spacing optional with 8' and 12' post spacing.
  • Steel
(Option) Clear span engineered structural "Legacy" series steel truss. (See Advisor for Details)
Roof Purlins: 2x4 SYP spaced 24" on center.(Wood Buildings) 2x6 #1 MSR 2400 spaced 24" on center (Steel Truss)
"Rat Run": Secondary frame structure along bottom cord of truss connecting gable posts from end to end. Standard
Exterior Metal: 40yr warranty R-Loc plus 9" rib premium metal, metal panel to wood connection via American made screws.
  • Fascia:
Standard Eve Side
  • Rat Guard:
  • Overhead Door Trim:
  • J-Trim:
Standard Around all door and window openings.
Screws: Color matched, neo washer American made screws used both in the walls and roof for metal to wood connection.
Concrete: Optional 4" thick unless noted. Steel reinforced. No warranty against hairline cracks.
Site prep: Optional Any site prep and dirt work will result in an additional charge, quote is for construction on your level lot.
Site must be within 2" of grade. Unless noted otherwise see contract.
  • 6-Panel:
Standard 6-panel steel frame, metal door with keyed lock.
  • Garage Doors:
Optional Commercial and residential available see your advisor for details.
  • Sliders:
Optional See your advisor for details. * Not recommended
Building has a 5 year warranty for warkmanship. We are not responsible for misuse and acts of God.


Kenley finished up my pole barn last night and it looks really nice.

I have to say that Kenley, Seth and all the guys involved did a great job and were real easy to talk to and get along with. I’m real happy with the building and how it looks. I’d recommend you guys to anyone.

Thanks for all your help.

G. Bales