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What to Know About Barndominiums?

Consider a barndominium, or barndo, if you’re searching for a home with plenty of space, space to work and get messy, and space to get your hands dirty.

Barndominium floor plans, often known as “Barndos” or “Shouses,” are a combination of a shop and a residence. These barn buildings may have either traditional or post-framed framing. This house design style began as metal structures with living spaces. Since then, the form has grown to incorporate more beautiful floor plans with a timber structure than metal barn building techniques.

The popularity of barndos has increased over the past several years, notably after the concept was featured on an episode of the HGTV show Fixer Upper.

If living with farm animals does not appeal to you, you should be aware that this is not always the case. If you have a pastime that would benefit from a barn, you may customize a barndominium to suit your needs.

Why a Barndominium?

Simply put, these are metal structures with an interior living area. These homes are very reasonably priced, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance. Bradford Buildings specializes in barndominiums of new construction. These residences may feature energy-efficient windows, stained concrete floors, engineered concrete slabs, spray foam insulation, adequate plumbing, and high ceilings.

Imagine a warehouse with a lovely front porch and brickwork at the front of the building. Typically, the exterior of a warehouse is uninteresting and unremarkable, yet as homes, these are incredibly inexpensive to construct. This is the same premise, but when you buy a barn home, you will be able to enjoy a lovely, inexpensive home with a significantly updated appearance compared to a warehouse.

Building a Barndominium

A barndominium is frequently less expensive than a standard dwelling. This relies entirely on the style, fittings, and layout. Some barndominiums may be modest, while others may have luxuries such as pools and wrap-around patios.

If you are interested in a barndominium, please contact Bradford Buildings for design and pricing information.

I worked with Monte on a new project and he is very professional. I have seen his quality of work first hand. I would highly recommend Bradford Buildings for quality Pole Barns in Tulsa and surrounding areas.

Nate F.

Kenley finished up my pole barn last night and it looks really nice.

I have to say that Kenley, Seth and all the guys involved did a great job and were real easy to talk to and get along with. I’m real happy with the building and how it looks. I’d recommend you guys to anyone.

Thanks for all your help.


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