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  • Bradford Buildings provides many types of “Post-Frame Buildings” also known as Pole Barns and Pole Buildings. These have a variety of different uses, from garages, to horse barns, to riding arenas, to hay barns, and even low cost upscale homes. At Bradford Buildings it is our profession to provide you with a full service experience from design to construction. We take the headaches out of the building experience; we are with you every step of the way. Each pole barn or horse barn is designed to meet your specific needs and desires.

    We use only the top quality construction materials and professional building crews to insure that you will get a building that you can be proud of for years to come. Every Customer is important to us and Bradford Buildings strives to provide the best pole barn building solutions along with an excellent customer experience.

    Give us a call to discuss your next building project and get a free no hassle quote today. Please look through the FAQ section to familiarize yourself with many of the often-asked questions about Post Frame Construction. If you still have questions please feel free to ask. We have found that a well-educated customer is a happy customer.

  • Wainscoting

    Wainscoting is a great way to add style to your building exterior. By using Z-channel and an extra nailer, a second colored sheet of metal can be easily installed at preferred heights.

    Vapor Barrier Insulation

    As changes in temperature occur outside, condensation will likely form on the inside of your building. A vapor barrier provides protection against unwanted moisture. Options are R-4 & R-10. Easy application over purlins and under metal.

    Porches / Leans

    We offer many different styles of portable buildings with porches. If you decide on a model that has a porch determine its location left or right if we are building it on the side. And the width and length of the porch is changeable from what you see in the pictures.


    Standard Aluminum Windows: White
    Special Order:  Bronze and Sandstone


    • Single Screen
    • Double Pane
    • 5/8″ Insulated Glass
    • Grilles Between the Glass


    12″ Overhangs can be added on the gable ends or eaves of your building.



    About Cupolas

    Laminated Posts

    Laminated Posts consist of 2×6’s or 2×8’s glued together with treated bottom. Studies have shown that this combination of multiple wood grains provides 30% more strength than a stanard 6×6 post.

    Liner Panel

    Easy and affordable way to finish off the interior of your building. Made out of 29 Gauge white metal.


    • Easy installation
    • Washable interior
    • Great drywall alternative (no need to spackle, sand or paint)
    • Durable and tough

    Wall & Roof Lights

    Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheets installed on your wall or roof provides natural lighting.

    Benefits include:

    • High Impact Resistance
    • Impressive Durability
    • Weather Resistance
    • Versatility
    • Excellent Fire Performance
    • Cuts Out 98% of Ultraviolet Light

    Perma Posts

    Perma-Column pre-cast piers and heavy brackets keep posts out of the ground to avoid rot, or may be used to fix rotten posts.

    Click Here to Learn More

    Dutch Doors

    • Door Panel Perimeters are Cut and Formed from a Single Piece of 16 gauge steel
    • Paint System is Quality Powder Coat Urethane over a Six Stage Pre-Wash
    • Heavy Duty Hinges are Extra Strong and Bolt into the Door Panel

    Gambrel And Attic Trusses

    The Gambrel and Attic trusses are 2′ on center versus the standard 4′ on center truss. This enables the trusses to sustain weight suitable for an attic or loft for post frame buildings (attic/loft sizes vary).

  • Bradford Buildings General Building Specifications

    Post Holes: 36″ Deep (Min) 10″ Wide (Min) Composite cookie in each hole, backfilled with native soil.
    100% native soil backfilled with out concrete floor installation. Customer can provide sack concrete if wanted.
    Uplift protection (cleets) installed on all buildings.
    • Wood
    STANDARD Solid 5×5 CCA treated .60 (60%) pressure treated lumber. (Lifetime Rated) 10′ on centers, 8′ and 12′ available.
    • Perma Columns
    OPTION 10,000 psi precast concrete column (See Advisor for Details) Lifetime Warranty
    Grade Board: 2×6 CCA .060 (60%) pressure treated # 2 SYP lumber. (Lifetime Rated) attached with ring shank post frame spikes.
    Wall Girts: 2×6 SYP spaced 24″ on centers (approx.)attached with ring shank post frame spikes
    Wall Bracing: 2×4 SYP installed on all wall corners without door and window frames. Also known as secondary frame structure or wind bracing.
    Wall Girders: (Top Plates) 2×10 SYP (Min) 2×12 when required by engineering. Header to post connection is via post frame spikes, galvanized ring shanks American made.
    Trusses: Standard 4/12 pitch (other pitches available)
    • Wood
    Standard 2×6 #2 SYP top and bottom cords, 25 psf snow load / 120 mph wind load. Truss to post connection via 3/8 lag screws.
    Spacing is 5′ on center, 2′ and 4′ spacing optional with 8′ and 12′ post spacing.
    • Steel
    (Option) Clear span engineered structural “Legacy” series steel truss. (See Advisor for Details)
    Roof Purlins: 2×4 SYP spaced 24″ on center.(Wood Buildings) 2×6 #1 MSR 2400 spaced 24″ on center (Steel Truss)
    “Rat Run”: Secondary frame structure along bottom cord of truss connecting gable posts from end to end. Standard
    Exterior Metal: 40yr warranty R-Loc plus 9″ rib premium metal, metal panel to wood connection via American made screws.
    • Fascia:
    Standard Eve Side
    • Rat Guard:
    • Overhead Door Trim:
    • J-Trim:
    Standard Around all door and window openings.
    Screws: Color matched, neo washer American made screws used both in the walls and roof for metal to wood connection.
    Concrete: Optional 4″ thick unless noted. Steel reinforced. No warranty against hairline cracks.
    Site prep: Optional Any site prep and dirt work will result in an additional charge, quote is for construction on your level lot.
    Site must be within 2″ of grade. Unless noted otherwise see contract.
    • 6-Panel:
    Standard 6-panel steel frame, metal door with keyed lock.
    • Garage Doors:
    Optional Commercial and residential available see your advisor for details.
    • Sliders:
    Optional See your advisor for details. * Not recommended
    Building has a 5 year warranty for warkmanship. We are not responsible for misuse and acts of God.

I worked with Monte on a new project and he is very professional. I have seen his quality of work first hand. I would highly recommend Bradford Buildings for quality Pole Barns in Tulsa and surrounding areas.

Nate F.

Kenley finished up my pole barn last night and it looks really nice.

I have to say that Kenley, Seth and all the guys involved did a great job and were real easy to talk to and get along with. I’m real happy with the building and how it looks. I’d recommend you guys to anyone.

Thanks for all your help.


G. Bales

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