Do Garages Add Value to a Home?

Homeowners across the country spent approximately $19 billion for home improvements last year according to consumer research groups. Many of those home improvements included adding garages to homes, especially those where the original garage had been turned into a room.

If you are considering doing the same to your home, look at what needs to be considered when building garages. These things could save you aggravation, disappointment, money, and time.

Zoning Laws
If you’re hiring a contractor, choose one that is experienced in garages. An experienced contractor will know the routine of checking out the zoning laws, but you should definitely ask when interviewing contractors. In the end, the responsibility will fall on you, the homeowner. Zoning laws include things like the location, the materials used, the size, and engineering things like water drainage.

Attached or Detached Garages
If you are looking at the variety of garages available, and you simply want a place to park your vehicles, attached garages are the most common. They are less expensive to build because it will already have one wall in place. Whereas detached garages are more popular for the homeowner that is looking to create a studio or workshop.

What Sizes for Double or Single Car?

The standard size for a 2-car garage is 20’ x 24’ which will allow you to park two vehicles and have plenty of door opening room. However, if you want storage or would like a workbench, you should go six to eight feet bigger in both length and width.

The Driveway Factor

If you currently have a carport in place and will be attaching a garage to it, the existing driveway is probably sufficient. If it isn’t, you’ll want a 10’ wide driveway for a single car garage and 20’ to 24’ feet wide for a two-car garage. You should also take into consideration if you’ll be backing out onto a busy street or if you’ll have room to turn around and pull out forward.

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