Portable Storage Barns Make Great Lawn & Garden Storage Units

 Do you ever look over in the outskirts of your local home & garden big box store and wonder why you would ever need one of those portable storage barns? Your first thought is they are those with some land out of the city and need a place to stay while they build their home.

 What you may not realize, no matter where you live, unless there are restrictions, a portable storage barn can be used by the everyday homeowner! They make a great place to store your lawn & garden supplies and tools. And when everything is one place, it can make gardening so much easier and more fun.

And now that spring is here, you’re probably ready to dive into that dirt and get those flowers planted, the garden weeded and all the other stuff. But that doesn’t mean it’s too late to get one of those portable storage barns now. And when spring is over, you’ll have it there to put things away for next year!

Here we want to share some tips on how to organize your portable storage barn so that you can get the most from it.  


Portable storage barns do not come with shelving. This is one of the basic things you need so make the investment when you buy your barn. Either metal or get a heavy-duty plastic, but make sure they are sturdy enough to hold boxes, containers, packaging and other items you may need for your gardening and yard care. Get the ones that are floor-to-ceiling so you can get the most out of your barn.

Hang It Up

Those larger tools can be hung from the wall on racks that are made just for yard tools like the broom, hoe, rake, and shovels. You could just lean them up in a corner, but why mess with that when racks are inexpensive and make the job so much easier. You should also get a wall-mount hook and attach to the outside of your portable storage bard for the water hose.

Magnetic Personality

Believe it or not, with all the small hand tools you’ll use, many are going to be metal and a magnet will make them easy to reach. Use a magnetic bar for gardening forks, hand spades, and shears, that way you won’t have to dig for them when you need them.

These suggestions may seem like really simple things, but you’ll be surprised at how organized this will make a portable storage barn into a gardening hut. Gardening and yardwork may be “work” but they don’t have to be unorganized.



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