T-Town or Tulsa, No Matter What you call it, This is Home!

Tulsa, aka T-Town, was considered the world’s oil capital, is a small but modern and vibrant metro area today with over 900,000 residents. It sits straddled by the Midwest, the South, and the Southwest regions and provides residents a distinct cultural environment.

It is the hospitality of Tulsa that makes it so easy to move here and call it home. The residents are down-to-earth, warm, welcoming and passionate about this town whether they have lived here their whole lives or have moved here from other parts of the world.

The community is full of heritage from people of all walks of life, and yet they find common interests that bring them together often. A few of the popular events that you’ll find Tulsans enjoying themselves and with each other are Mayfest, Oktoberfest, and several other festivals that revolve around food and fun.

Out of 100 metro areas analyzed by U.S. News in the United States, Tulsa ranked #59. The classifications that were considered included the job market, the cost of living, and other crucial factors that draw people here. Tulsa’s cost of living is relatively low with average home prices below the national average.

The one drawback to living in Tulsa, if there is one, may be the weather for many. But for the biggest part of the year, the temps are comfortable. It can go from one extreme with ice storms and snow in the winter to springtime tornados and hot summer months.

I worked with Monte on a new project and he is very professional. I have seen his quality of work first hand. I would highly recommend Bradford Buildings for quality Pole Barns in Tulsa and surrounding areas.

Nate F.

Kenley finished up my pole barn last night and it looks really nice.

I have to say that Kenley, Seth and all the guys involved did a great job and were real easy to talk to and get along with. I’m real happy with the building and how it looks. I’d recommend you guys to anyone.

Thanks for all your help.


G. Bales

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