Texas: The Lone Star State

In 1519, the Spanish conquistadors arrived in what is now The Lone Star State: Texas. They would find Native American tribes had been living her for 10,000 years. Between that time and until 1848, this area would be claimed by five countries, yes, the state is that big. Those countries were:



Between 1861 and 1865, the Confederate States of America also claimed The Lone Star State.

Texas is situated between two major cultural spheres: Plains area and Southwestern area known as the Pre-Columbian North America. At one time, there were three indigenous cultures in Texas before European explorers arrived:

  • The Pueblo: Center part of West Texas and from the upper Rio Grande region
  • The Mound Builders that spreads through the Mississippi Valley and into the Caddo nation
  • Centered in Texas’ southern part are the civilizations of Mesoamerica

The state is known for “everything is big in Texas,” the Dallas Cowboys, and the assassination of JFK.  Things you may not know that is that the state suffered from almost ten years of severe drought conditions. Lack of rain and the hot temps know for this area killed crops and livestock, and dust storms were triggered, putting many farms and ranches out of business, as many as 100,000.

Texas is also known for its higher education offering with Texas A&M and the University of Texas here. For many years, the state was known as agricultural and rural beings, but during the 20th century, it transformed into an industrialized and urbanized state. This transformation brought record numbers of new residents, and the economic growth boomed.

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